"Hi Marie!  Yay the seeds arrived today!!! I am so amazed and pleased with them, they are absolutely beautiful! I was so put off by the other ones I got from ***** seeing these ones is like a complete turn around and they are so clean and packaged so professionally. The ones I got from ***** came all in the full seed heads and just in a plastic grocery bag tied in a knot! Thank you so much for the extra seeds and the mature seed head. You've been such an incredible help to me and I'm glad I learned my lesson anyway. I would have felt terrible if they didn't come and you actually did send more. When I need more seeds I'll definitely be ordering from you (that is if you don't mind the international order. There is so many I won't need any for a while but when the time comes maybe I could pay to get it UPS so we wouldn't have to worry about the crappy mail service)! Anyway I can't thank you enough!  Sincerely, Nicole"



As women, nature has abundantly provided so many natural herbs to take care of all of our many health needs.  I would like to encourage all women to use herbal birth control over conventional pharmaceutical drugs and devices.  Let me share my story, and really my personal conviction, with all the women in the world. 


First, let me state that I was in perfect health – smoke, alcohol, and drug free my entire life.  In April 2004, I suffered a near-death experience of Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism (PE), which is a serious condition of deadly blood clots in my lungs.  I had taken the Ortho Evra patch for only 17 days.  As I was going about my normal day, the symptoms hit me like a brick falling out of the sky.  My body was under attack, but there was no visible assailant.  The pain around my heart was so bad I thought I was having a heart attack.  The pain in my right leg became unbearable.  All of a sudden, I could not stand.  I was very weak.  I tried to lay down.  Then, there was excruciating pain in my back.  I started to have intense heart palpitations.  I was scared.  I thought I was going to die.  All of this in 10 minutes!!!  These were intense symptoms I had never experienced before, so I knew I had to get to a hospital fast.  


I was hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, in a room right by the nurse's station so that they could watch me closely.  The nurses gave me a bed pan and told me not to get up out of my bed for any reason, and to move as little as possible – that if I were to move, the blood clots would dislodge and move to my heart or brain and kill me.  I can not even begin to describe the level of fear in my heart at that moment.  I was 31 years old, and on the brink of death.  I lay in the bed the whole night afraid to go to sleep for fear that I would not wake up.  I don't know how I got through that night or any other night after that.  But, one thing I know for sure is that God kept me alive when the odds were stacked so high against me.

Ladies, a nugget of wisdom...always listen to what your body is telling you.  If it feels like something is not right, then trust your first instincts.  Get to a hospital right away.  Don't call and make an appointment.  That might be too late.  My doctor literally told me that if I had not gotten to the hospital when I did, it was just a matter of minutes before I would have collapsed and died.  He commended me for initially saving my own life.  Of course, they took it from there and performed their part of the miracle.


Upon my discharge from the hospital, I was prescribed Coumadin for a minimum of 6 months, but informed that I might need to be on it for several years or the rest of my life.  Since my body was not used to drugs, I experienced a lot of side effects, the worst being having to suffer severe hair loss.  I had to cut the little hair that was left off my head.  This caused emotional and psychological distress, as I had a beautiful head of hair before this incident.  After 4 months on the Coumadin, I made the decision that I would never take synthetic drugs ever again.  I refused to let this drug continue to harm me.  So, I started researching herbal medicine.  I stopped taking the Coumadin and told my doctor that I found a safer, natural way to keep my blood thin and prevent blood clots.  Needless to say, he was not happy with my actions.  But, I didn’t care what he thought and pointed out that he was not the one suffering from all the negative side effects.  Yes, I fired my doctor and hired myself.  It took my hair 3 years to grow back and look beautiful again, but only with the help of many specific herbal hair remedies. 


My life has completely changed.  I have to be extra careful regarding my health whereas I did not have to worry before.  Now I am permanently at risk for blood clots to occur again.  So, I now have to take herbal medicine for the rest of my life to keep my blood thin and prevent blood clots.  Two of the most powerful are vitamin E and garlic, which I take on a daily basis.  The icing on the cake...these herbs and natural supplements also have the added benefit of helping maintain my health overall and NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!  And I am indisputable living proof that they work.  It has been 4 years and I have not had a re-occurrence of blood clots, not even close.  Every doctor's visit results in all my tests coming back with good/normal results.  I have followed many blogs of other women who suffered a PE or other blood clots such as DVT.  Unfortunately, many of them had re-occurrences within 3 years.  

Regarding my reproductive health, I can never take hormonal birth control again,  which is absolutely fine with me.  No arguments there!  To my amazement, I have been successful using QAL for the past 18 months.  It really works and I am able to maintain my normal health with no side effects.  Now, that's what I call great birth control!!!  Hands down, it's simply the best natural birth control out there!  

My conviction...never take pharmaceutical drugs (conventional medicine) when it is not necessary.  Through heavy research I have found that there is an herb to cure everything from colds and flu to yeast infections and cancer, and everything in between.  That's the good news.  I have my own personal health library filled with herbal and natural healing books.  What bothers me the most is that most drugs are derived from herbs...yes, herbs are the base of synthetic drugs.   Pharmaceutical companies have taken a good thing and turned it into a very bad thing by adding toxic chemicals that harm our bodies. It is so unfortunate that they are allowed to put a patent on them and make a ton of money at the expense of people's health.  It's all about the almighty dollar.  My logical question is this...What did women do thousands of years ago?  There was nothing but herbs, so they learned how to effectively use them for many different health problems.  Nature-made is always better than man-made.  We have the option to choose our medicine – all-natural and safe vs. chemicals with side effects.  For me, the choice is clear.  I hope and pray that every woman will discover and be enlightened by the many healthful herbs available today.  God has given them to us, so we should be receiving these blessings in our daily lives.     

Here is my personal QAL formula...

QAL Tincture (made from Seeds)


Boil two cups of water.  Pour it in a tall cup or a big ceramic or glass bowl.  Add 1 tablespoons of crushed QAL seeds to a loose tea bag (Melitta or other brand).  You must crush the seeds to release the potent oils.  (I crush them in the tea bag successfully with a heavy spoon.  You may also use a mortar and pestle.  You will know the potent oils have been released by the smell, which is sort of minty.) Steep the bag in the hot water.  Let it steep and cool completely, about 2-3 hours.  If you leave it for more than 3 hours, cover it.  When ready to use, remove the bag and drink all of it.  The taste is acrid, but bearable.  Be sure to drink it within 8-12 hours, but no later than 12 hours of making love


I read in an article that QAL is advised to be taken every 12 hours from ovulation through the day after the last day of fertility, about 7 days.  I agree that this dosage would give the best level of protection.  I followed this advice and discovered it works very well for me. But, one month I had a string of unexpected events – a 2-day power outage and lost luggage with my QAL in it.  So, I had to shift to what I call “Plan B” or Emergency BC.  This is the dose that worked for me, but may not work for every woman, since the number of fertile days vary for each woman, and other factors may influence the results.   


1 dose right before ovulation within the 12-hour limit

1 dose at the peak of fertility within 24 hours

1 dose 24 hours after that

1 dose 24 hours after that

Works very well for me!!!  Haven't gotten pregnant yet...even when I couldn't take it within the recommended time frame!!!

Toni, Los Angeles, CA


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