Herbal contraceptives?

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Knowledgeable, health aware men and women are now looking more towards natural means of birth control and contraceptive methods.  They are stepping away from modern science, synthetic drugs, un-natural means of birth control methods that disrupts the normal functions of the body and are asking for products that are more natural with few if any side affects that are effective alternatives.

Thousands of years before The Pill, women wanted and needed a way to delay pregnancy. Plants such as Silphium (also known as silphion, laserpithecum, laserpitium, laserwort or laser) grew along a narrow coastal area  in what is now known as Libya.  Silphion was extensively used for spice, food, medical and contraceptive purposes. For reasons unknown, it became extinct. Silphion's related plants (Apiaceae or Umbelliferae) include asafoetida, giant fennel, parsley, and wild carrot. All these plants have similar chemical properties which include to a certain extent, contraceptive properties.

Wild carrot seeds aka Bird's Nest (Daucus carota) have been used successfully for thousands of years for contraception.  Daucus carota is related to the now extinct herb and is being used successfully by many women who want to avoid getting pregnant.


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Herbs That Work!

What did women do for contraception thousands of years BEFORE The Pill?

What are some of the anti-fertility herbs and how are they used to prevent pregnancy?

Can certain herbs be used by men and women successfully for birth control. The answer is YES they can.