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Wild carrot flowers (dried) (fresh flowers are seasonal, email for information and availability).

Fresh flowers are seasonal and available summer months only. Dried will be available all year.

Flowers (dried) with dot are $24.00/oz.
4 oz. $65.00 (best buy), plus shipping.

Flowers (fresh) with dot are $30.00/oz.
4 oz. $71.00 (best buy), plus shipping.

Flowers (dried) without dot are $21.00/oz.
4 oz. $63.00, plus shipping.

Flowers (fresh) without dot are $27.00/oz.
4 oz. $68.00, (best buy) plus shipping.

These flowers are suitable for making tea or your own tincture.

Since we have limited quantities of fresh and dried wild carrot flowers, please
email us to order.

Tincture recipe (how to make your own tincture):

4 oz. wild carrot flowers
1 bottle vodka, rum or other spirits. Must be at least 80 to 100 proof alcohol. (DO NOT use rubbing, isopropyl or wood alcohol)
1 quart glass jar with tight fitting lid (do not use plastic)

Grind or Cut up flowers into small pieces and place in jar. Cover with alcohol and tighten lid. A quart mason jar works pretty well. Keep tincture in a dark cool place away from sunlight. Shake at least once or twice daily for two weeks. You can then strain your tincture and discard the flowers. Use tincture as required. Or you can leave the flowers in the
tincture and strain amount needed as required. Mark the date on the jar when you made it to keep track of how long it has to sit before use. If properly stored in a dark, cool spot, tinctures can last for years. Make sure lid is tight or your alcohol can evaporate. You can substitute vinegar for the alcohol if you prefer not to make it with alcohol.


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